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Restoration of a slate floor

After years of family traffic, this slate floor had started to look lacklustre.

To remove the build-up of dirt and cleaning products which had left the floor looking dull, Lithofin Power-Clean was used and agitated using an industrial buffer.

The solution was then removed with a wet/dry vacuum and then a further coat of the Power-Clean was applied to help remove the remnants of the old sealant.

This was again removed with the wet/dry vacuum and then moped down with fresh water to remove any residue and then vacuumed once more.

The floor was left for a full 48 hours to dry off. After which, the Worcester Tile Restoration team returned to re-seal the floor using Lithofin MN Slate Seal, which not only protects the floor against water and dirt penetration by closing the pores of the stone but also embellishes the appearance of the stone and also makes maintenance easier.

It is recommended to use a low pH product on slate after it has been sealed (as with all natural stone), Worcester Tile recommend Lithofin MN Wash & Clean which is wax free and doesn’t build up layers, it also leaves a pleasant odour!

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Customer testimonials

  • "I can't thing of anyway to improve on my Worcester Tile experience. Everyone was very helpful and friendly and we will definitely be using Worcester Tile in the future and recommend to friends and family. We are very happy with the work carried out."

    -Mrs King

  • "Helpful and knowledgable sales staff plus expert installation. Would recommend Worcester Tile every time."

    -Mrs Empson

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