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Turtle Mat

We now stock the UK’s leading brand of doormat. Visit our showroom to discover our stocked range of the UK’s favorite doormat.

Protect your flooring or carpet from dirt and moisture brought in by shoes and even paws and make a statement with the beautiful range of Turtle Mats now available.

The only mat recommended for use with Karndean flooring!

Why use Turtle Mats?

• Statistics show the average 6 room house takes in up to 40 pounds of dirt each year and 80% of that is walked in by shoes and paws. By using the latest technology and super absorbent cotton, Turtle mats actively absorb this moisture and dirt.

• Turtle Mat is the only mat recommended for use with any Karndean Flooring

• They are 100% machine washable

• Receive a 5 year manufacturers guarantee with all mats

• They are slip resistant and stop water at the door

• The rubber and latex backs are non-damaging and anti-stain

• Traps 95% of dirt and moisture

• Many sizes, colours and styles available to suit your individual needs

Visit our showroom