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Surface(s) Floor
Room type(s) Victorian
Size 100.0 cm x 100.0 cm
Tile per sqm (or 1m) 1
Additional information

Classic herringbone patterns are simply made from one or more rectangles, depending on the effect you want to achieve. The addition of a narrow rectangle adds decorative detail while changing the piece sizes and adding another colour provides a bolder design as show below.

These beautiful Original Style, Victorian Floor Tiles can be supplied and fitted by our team of experts. Call or visit for a FREE no obligation quote.

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Customer testimonials

  • "We researched about traditional Victorian tiles and the advice we received from Worcester Tile was fantastic. We weren’t confident about some of the other advice about fitting, and seeing all the jobs Worcester Tile had installed previously gave us the confidence to commit. Steve was absolutely fantastic and we couldn't have been more pleased, we didn’t realise how much work was involved."

    -Mrs Thompson, Worcester

  • "Worcester tile puts the rest of the industry to shame with its vast range of high quality tiles!!"

    -Mr A.Chisholm

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